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Are You Selling Yourself Short? Average salary of Carpenters in Australia

It is a good time to be a carpenter in Australia now with soaring salary offers across the states. The demand for experienced experts has never been higher and customers are willing to pay top salary for carpenters with the right skill, experience and turnaround time. The growing economy, the ageing population and the real estate market have made carpentry a lucrative trade in Australia.


Multiple studies show hourly rates starting at $20 to as high as $55 for carpenters. A study made by popular job board Indeed collated salary ranges provided by employers and show an average of $38 per hour in the whole of Australia. Now you can answer the question posted on the title of this article, are you selling yourself short?


To command this salary, you need solid experience as a carpenter to make your mark in the trade market of Australia. Some of the skills that carpenters belonging to the upper range of the salary scale in Australia have these qualifications:


– Experience in domestic, commercial and industrial carpentry work

– Construction, installation and repair of wooden and metal structures

– Roofing projects like truss, flat and pitched roofs

– Flooring tasks, bearers and joists

– Laying floors and sub floors

– Measuring, planning and calculating jobs

– Hands-on experience with saws, drills, sanders and other advanced carpentry tools

– Ability to work at heights and work on scaffoldings


If you can tick most if not all of the items in the list above, then your skills as a carpenter in Australia are worth the $20-$55 salary range. Now that you know what your skills are worth, the next step is how to find or manage the jobs that will pay you the salary that you deserve. Carpentry skills may be right up your alley but how well can you do marketing, scheduling, dispatching, bookkeeping and other back office work?


With TradieVA, you can!


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