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How to Choose the Best Virtual Assistant for Your Outsourcing Needs

How to Choose the Best Virtual Assistant for Your Outsourcing Needs

As New York Times’ best-selling author Stephen Covey said, “Outsourcing is inevitable,” this means now is probably the best time to choose a Virtual Assistant. When you find yourself bogged down by back office work, when you overlook an important business email or when you double book on your calendar, a Virtual Assistant can make the difference in running your business.


Once the domain of multinational companies, now even small businesses can benefit from the many advantages of an outsourcing through a virtual assistant. With a wide range of selection of outsourcing solutions and virtual assistants, the challenge is not with finding your virtual assistant but with selecting out of the many that are available. Not all virtual assistants are made the same and not all outsourcing solutions work best for you.

Here are the top 5 criteria for choosing the right virtual assistant for you:



You and your virtual assistant will be in contact in one way or another for long periods of time, sometimes even close to 40 hours a week. This means that on top of levels of professionalism or technical skills, your virtual assistant must have a personality that complements your own. More importantly, your virtual assistant must have a personality that matches the needs of your business.



Outsourcing works because of the idea that your virtual assistants will already have the professional background or the working experience that are needed. When virtual assistants are already knowledgeable to the level that you need them for your business, the transition becomes easier. It will be an inefficient use of time, money and other resources to have your virtual assistant be trained by you for long periods of time for skills that other virtual assistants already have.



Even with enough experience on the job, these skills will be for nothing if your virtual assistant is unfamiliar with technology. Outsourcing works because virtual assistants are able to channel their skills into appropriate technology. Filing goes hand in hand with cloud drives. Communication relies on abilities to set up Zoom meetings or webinars. Task completion requires project management applications that can be accessed anywhere.



You might have found the perfect virtual assistant with the right personality, matching experience and practical knowledge of technology- an ideal person for outsourcing work. The trouble is you need your virtual assistant full time and online during your office hours but the VA is only available for 4 hours a day and during your sleeping hours. Some virtual assistants may be willing to match your hours but some may find it difficult to adjust to your time zone.



You may have ticked all the boxes you are looking for on your virtual assistant but chances are, you are taking all his or her word for it. Any attempt to get a review from an objective third party source, like previous clients, can go a long way and may save you from a lot of trouble down the line. Whenever possible, seek a reference from previous clients or look at your virtual assistant’s profile.

Outsourcing becomes easier when you have the right virtual assistant that truly matches your business needs. Remember your business is unique and a generic virtual assistant is not enough.


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